Found a couple photos of our Sailorstuck group from the Homestuck Friday photoshoot! Taken by the super swag jerrymojo2.

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(( More Sailorstuck! I can’t believe how amazing these cosplays are.

There’s a full group! Oh my god, these girls are my favourite people in the world! They look so good!! If only there was an Eridan to go with them 

Designs for Feferi & Aradia, are very much so in thanks of Ask the Heiress & Ask Maid Aradia. I’m really happy you guys. You don’t even know how happy I am to find these photos))

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Sailorstuck - Katsucon 18

katspaw (Kanaya Maryam) & ceriene (Vriska Serket)

((asdlfjkhasljkhd Guys. These cosplayers are perfect. I just had to reblog them here because this is extremely relevant to this blog and I’m just all asdfkjhalfjhasdf

I can’t believe someone cosplayed these designs, I’m loosing it guys. I’m so happy right now asdhlfkjasdf ))

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((Of course! Sorry these photos took a little while to post - our lovely photographer Marni only recently posted them! These are a few shots from the photoshoot from Anime LA last weekend! I’m honestly very proud of my cosplay this far, but I’m still very set on improving her in the future!

Marquise Spinnert Mindfang - Meghan

Vriska Serket - Jill

Photography Credit - Marni

You can view the entire Ancestor Photoshoot Gallery Here!))

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