I did…….. once. I wasn’t expecting Gamzee to 8e hanging out with Pupa that day…….. 
Never again. EVER again ::::/

I did…….. once. I wasn’t expecting Gamzee to 8e hanging out with Pupa that day…….. 

Never again. EVER again ::::/

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Talk a8out holding a grudge! 

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((Of course! Sorry these photos took a little while to post - our lovely photographer Marni only recently posted them! These are a few shots from the photoshoot from Anime LA last weekend! I’m honestly very proud of my cosplay this far, but I’m still very set on improving her in the future!

Marquise Spinnert Mindfang - Meghan

Vriska Serket - Jill

Photography Credit - Marni

You can view the entire Ancestor Photoshoot Gallery Here!))

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Anonymous said: vriska to days my birthday and im turning twelve but every ones being a jack ass they say i should just kill my self if i do kill my self will life be better cause i fell dead already

((I won’t be drawing a response for this because it would take far too long, and I’d like to address this as quickly as I can!

Don’t let others tell you what to do with your life, sweetheart. It is your life to live and you should live it for yourself. Keeping that in mind, you should live it! Life is worth it. Life is always worth it. Life is a beautiful thing, and it’s even more beautiful because you are in it. You are breathing, smiling and walking on this earth for a purpose. Never let anyone or anything try to convince you otherwise. Life is a beautiful experience that wouldn’t be as beautiful if you weren’t here. Death won’t stop your ‘friends’ from being jerks to you. All it will do is hurt - your family, your friends, everyone around you who cares about you. They will miss you. I will miss you.

You’re still young, darling. There is so much more to live for. Please, I urge you contact someone through the International Suicide Prevention Network to talk to them. There are several hotlines to call and there is nothing wrong with talking to someone. I strongly encourage you to talk to someone about these feelings of yours because though you may not feel like it, people care about you, people love you, and people will miss you if you were gone.

I want to let you know, that you are a very special person and that you shouldn’t let what others say influence how you live your life. Live it for yourself. You are a beautiful soul, I know you are. If you need to talk, please don’t ever hesitate to do so. 

Keep on smiling. Keep on living. You’re special, you’re important, and you’re worth being here on this earth.

Happy Birthday sweetheart. Don’t forget that there are many people who love you, and that you’re a very special person to all those who care about you ::::D))

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((Gone for ALA! 8e 8ack Sunday!))

((Going off for another Con guys! Sorry for the lack of updates, but I promise they will start up again once I get home! I’ll be heading to Anime Los Angeles 2012 down here by LAX, so if you’re coming to con, don’t be afraid to say hello!

I’ll be bringing the Following cosplays:

So yeah! Can’t wait to see you guys at Con if you’re going! Have a gr8 weekend guys!

And as always, the Ask Box will be open! So drop me some quality questions guys! I really can’t wait to work on these again!))

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Happy New Year Tum8lr!!!!!!!!

4,157 plays

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8ut I still need a d8. I just can’t decide on who to 8ring with me though……..

8ut I still need a d8. I just can’t decide on who to 8ring with me though……..

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Questions will have to w8, that voice in my head has some sort of an announcement.

Well, this is as 8ad of news as it’s ever gonna get. Appar8tly, I’m gonna have to sloooooooow down posts for the next couple of weeks, 8ecause for whatever reason, that stupid voice in the 8ack of my head o8viously has 8etter things to do than pester me in upd8ing my 8log! From what I understand, I keep hearing a8out this foreign gathering of human far eastern comic 8ook enthusiasts who also dress up in costumes and take pictures. The human John Eg8ert said it was called a convention? I don’t know. I don’t care. All I know is that I’m fiiiiiiiinally gonna get a chance to sit 8ack and reeeeeeeelax for once cause that voice in my head won’t 8e saying anything to me! 

I’ve got some gr8 FLARP strategies to go over with a few, select trolls ::::) Don’t w8 up!

- - - 

((Sorry I won’t be around much the next two weeks or so guys! I’ve got some cosplay I need to work on and I can’t really dedicate the time to managing the blog and worry about my cosplays for ALA at the same time - So Spider8reath is just gonna go on a small pause with posts. That doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop posting, but it will mean that posts are probably going to be a lot less frequent, so don’t expect too much within the weeks to come. Thanks for understand guys - and hope to see you after ALA - or even AT ALA for that matter!))

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